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"Not reading this book will be a costly mistake.” Tim Hale, Smarter Investing

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Investment strategy

Why costs matter

It is impossible to overstate how important it is to manage costs of all kinds tightly. This is done best through a systematic, low cost approach to investing The return of the market is simply the average return of all investors, before any costs have been deducted. In real life, the returns achieved by investors...

Improving performance through the aggregation of marginal gains

Some inspiration from the British Olympic Cycling Team: with a need to hold on to those magical summer moments when athlete after athlete contributed to a truly inpsirational summer in the UK, BpH Partner, Simon Brown explores the “marginal gains” theory that led the British Cycling team to such success and how it can be...

Look out for seemingly simple and rewarding investment products

“Smart products, dumb choices”. This is the title of one of BpH’s latest investment insights or whitepapers. The paper looks at two sophisticated and seemingly popular investment vehicles, structured products and hedge funds and provides a cautionary tale about being seduced by either or both. Structured products appear simple at first, but grow increasingly complex...

Active management, an inefficient form of foreign aid?

Richard Stott argues that passive management is a more stable and socially responsible approach to investment. Does Norges Bank Investment Management / NBIM's continued participation in the active buying and selling of investments go again social responsibility?

Investment is not about winning, it’s about not losing

Experienced investors gradually realise that successful investing is not about winning, it’s about not losing. By avoiding mistakes and accepting the returns that the capital markets provide you will give yourself a huge advantage. Successful investing is about developing a process to improve your chances of a good investment experience and avoiding poor investment experiences...

Beware of statistics from financial product distributors

Product distributors stand to make huge amounts of money if they can convince individual investors like us to buy their product. The senior staff’s bonuses and the value of their share options depend upon persuading you to buy their product. Clever use of fund performance statistics is one of their most persuasive tools. Product distributors will...
There is a smart way to look after your money

There is a smart way to look after your money

It's simple. Focus your energies on things you can control such as savings, spending, costs, taxes and sound financial planning.
Learn the industry's best kept secrets

Learn the industry’s best kept secrets

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