The smart approach to investing your money we outline in this book is not new; it has been very well tested academically in the US and the UK and is widely used by institutional investors.

For individual investors it is a relatively unknown strategy – extremely effective but to date little publicised. There is good reason for this: the financial services establishment would prefer you not to know about these secrets. They have a vested interest in keeping them quiet to maintain the status quo because they earn far more money out of the old system than the alternative we propose to you here.

In The 7 Secrets of Money we will show you how to cut through the noise, the advertising and the hype to the truth about money. The book will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to cope and prosper successfully as you develop your financial plans.

You may be surprised to discover that:

  • As an individual investor there are powerful forces conspiring against you – the messages communicated by the financial establishment and much of the media are costing you dear
  • Markets are efficient to the extent that hardly anyone beats them over time: forecasting is futile and unnecessary
  • A solid understanding of risk is important if you are going to make informed investment decisions and avoid disaster
  • Strategic asset allocation – how you distribute the different types of investment in your portfolio – is the most important decision of all
  • Your behaviour as an investor will define the returns you get

Arming you with these revelations and insider knowledge, we give you a clear path to building your investments and meeting your life goals.

You will be relieved to learn that, if you focus on the things you can control, investing is fundamentally a simple process. We set out a straightforward methodology for you to follow – just seven smart actions you need to take to ensure financial success.

Whatever your financial goals, this book will help you to find a clear way to achieve them. We will help you to make the crucially important connection between your money and your life, stressing the importance of robust financial planning in the context of your life goals. Our aim is to give you more confidence around finance and investment and a much easier, happier relationship with money.