“In a recent push to finally realise my goal, I came across your book, The 7 Secrets of Money, and found it an invaluable tool in my quest for financial understanding and direction.

It has given a fresh sense of hope. Brilliantly straight forward and clear, I found it not only the perfect guide I had been seeking, but also appreciated your combined common-sense ethos and strategy. A believer in the simple basics of both gravity and human nature, I found this a source with which I firmly agreed and could trust.

Not out of the weeds yet, I am still trying to find a suitable advisor/mentor to help me find my path. However, your book has provided the machete out of the darkest deep of the jungle! Praise for this wonderful work.”

Erica Schumacher



“The 7 Secrets of Money is an essential read for anyone currently investing for their future or considering doing so. It provides a simple, yet powerful, framework for making better investment decisions, avoiding the common mistakes that investors make, and simplifying what needs to be done in practice. Not reading this book will be a costly mistake.”

Tim Hale, author of Smarter Investing, MD, Albion Strategic Consulting.

There is wisdom here at the core. Keep your costs low (including taxes and fees of all kinds), keep your aspirations clear, diversify your risks and aim for the best rate of return within your risk level. Reading The 7 Secrets of Money, one realizes there is a science and a logic to investing. Relief, trust and exhilaration replace confusion, lethargy and distrust.

This book describes an investment methodology that has been adopted by many of the elite, the most educated and highly qualified financial planners in the US, the UK and Australia. Read it and see why!.”


George Kinder, author of The Seven Stages of Money Maturity and Lighting the Torch and founder of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning www.kinderinstitute.com.

“If you’ve ever wondered why when the markets rise 10% and your portfolio only rises 5%, then this book is for you. You can make your money work harder for you (rather than for others), and you can do it without having to take any greater risks. This book is a must read for all of us who want to retire with a sense of financial security. Get the strategy right, avoid giving your money away inadvertently, don’t take unnecessary risks, and learn how to enjoy your hard earned income. The authors of this book help you achieve all these objectives in a clear and readily understood manner. I cannot recommend it enough.”

Mark Baldry – Private Investor and Senior Consultant, Priorities for Profit

“This book is an easy-to-read guide to how investment works, where the costs arise, what to avoid, and how to choose a financial adviser.  Having read this book, the reader will understand the implications of the advice given, and be in a position to make an informed contribution to the decision making.”

Janice Trebble, Partner at Saunders and Dolleymore LLP

“For many years an ever widening chasm has been growing between individuals and the vast, confusing machine that is the global financial system. This book and the individuals behind it provide a bridge in a readable and comprehensible manner, at once debunking many of the myths and pseudo science which bedevil finance and at the same time recognising that financial planning is as variable as people themselves. To read this book will take only an hour or so, but it may well be rewarded by a lifetime of contentment and will certainly convince the reader that the fools’ gold still pedaled far too often by the financial establishment only leads to inevitable disappointment.”

Paul Bradshaw, chairman of Nucleus Financial Group

“Homework, hard work and common sense are the characteristics of most successful people. If you have worked hard and managed to save for your future and would like to make the best of your savings, read this book. It doesn’t take many pages to realise the authors have done the homework and the hard work for us. Whatsmore, by the end of the book you will come to realise they also make a great deal of common sense.”

Mark Baldry – Private Investor and Senior Consultant, Priorities for Profit