The 7 Secrets of Money: the insider’s guide to personal investment success

An essential read for anyone investing for their future or considering doing so. It provides a simple, yet powerful, framework for making better investment decisions, avoiding the common mistakes that investors make, simplifying what needs to be done in practice.” Tim Hale, Smarter Investing

The 7 Secrets of Money is the inside track for personal investment success. Written by four well-respected finance professionals, it gives you a clear path to build your investments and meet your life goals.

The approach is simple: focus your energies on things you can control – such as saving, spending, costs, taxes and sound financial planning, only taking risks that you know will be rewarded. This places you, the investor, firmly in control of your financial future.

You will discover:

  • that there are powerful forces conspiring against you as an individual investor, and they are costing you dear
  • that, contrary to traditional wisdom, you cannot beat the market in the long term
  • that financial markets are efficient so forecasting is futile
  • that when it comes to investment decisions, excitement should definitely be sought elsewhere

Accepting these principles is truly liberating – freeing you up to focus on what you can control without being distracted by what you cannot. Investment then becomes a simple process designed to eliminate emotion and behavioural bias, working more as a science than an art to help you get to the destination you want.

“Reading The 7 Secrets of Money, one realizes there is a science and a logic to investing. Relief, trust and exhilaration replace confusion, lethargy and distrust.” George Kinder

The 7 Secrets of Money puts you firmly in command of your financial future – an all together smarter approach to money and investment that will get you the results you deserve.

Achieve your life goals

Whatever your financial goals this book will help you find a clear way to achieve them. It makes the crucially important connection between your money and your life plans, showing you how to approach your money and make sound financial choices, building a secure financial future to meet your life’s ambitions.

Who should read this book:

There is something for everybody in this book from the financial novice to the seasoned investor wanting to get the best return.

  • If you are starting to make financial plans this book will help you navigate a clear path
  • If you are an experienced investor looking to increase your wealth you will learn the secrets that only a few professional investors know

Whatever situation you are in the book will give you the information you need to manage your money intelligently.

Sample chapter:

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