We are four finance professionals with a century of experience between us who have collaborated to provide this clear guide to personal investment success.

We wrote this book because we know that many individual investors fail to obtain the returns they deserve from their finances. We want this situation to change.

  • Many investors are devastated when they realise that their savings have not grown enough to meet their financial goals or even worse to enable them to maintain their desired lifestyles in retirement. They do not know where to turn for help.
  • The overwhelming majority have no idea what they are paying in fees, whether the results of their investments have been good or bad or whether they are on track to achieve their goals.
  • Yet more are spending hours every week reading ‘hot tips’ in the financial pages, picking individual stocks that get them precisely nowhere in the long term.

Conventional financial advice has served us badly. The financial establishment has deliberately encouraged ideas such as investing in superstar managers with ‘great’ track records, stock picking, timing the market, and jumping for the latest ‘innovative’ products. These strategies are destined to result in huge disappointment for the vast majority of investors. There has never been a more pressing need for a different approach.

Traditional approaches better serve the interests of those people manufacturing and selling the products, rather than furnishing investors with the returns they need to reach their goals.  We know from our long experience in the industry that these strategies just do not work; they consistently fail to deliver the returns we expect and deserve.

We want to break down the barriers for you, exploding the myths around finance and investment, exposing the secrets to success that the financial establishment has for too long kept to itself and provide you with the investing success you deserve.